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Purifyou: from the USA

The opinion on this bottle is absolutely positive, and I can assure you that, after having had direct relationships with the managers of the company, the people behind this project are committed to ensuring that their customers are 100% satisfied. For more information on this bottle, I invite you to leave a comment, or write me directly at bottiglieriususibli @ gmail.com . If you prefer, you can also write to me on Facebook , where we always post blog articles.

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Why Should You Drink from a Glass Water Bottle?

Do you know why you should drink from glass water bottles? It’s not because Gisele Bundchen does. It’s because drinking out of reusable glass, as opposed to plastic, can benefit both you and the environment. Find out how as you read on. How Does Drinking from Glass Benefit the Environment? Plastics and other disposable materials have revolutionized the way we live. Unfortunately, the convenience of using something once and then throwing it away has a pretty significant downside. For starters, roughly 2.7 million tons of plastic is used every year to manufacture disposable drinking bottles. And, since only about 1% of all plastic gets recycled, the remaining bottles end up in landfills. In the US alone, consumers purchase about 29.8...

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Why Are Plastic Water Bottles a Bad Idea?

It’s true—plastic water bottles are a bad idea all the way around. Even though the FDA has put a stamp of approval on drinking out of plastic water bottles, that doesn’t mean they are entirely safe—for humans or the environment, especially if you reuse them. That you should never do! Why Should You Not Reuse Water Bottles? It’s tempting, we know. You think you’re doing something good for the environment by reusing water bottles a few or more times. You might be using fewer bottles but the harm you do to your health is not worth it. Better not to use them at all. If you must use them in certain circumstances, the reason you should throw away the plastic...

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Why Are People Dying of Thirst?

One child dies every 39 seconds due to unclean water. How does this happen? Looking at our planet from outer space, you can see just how much water there is. If there is so much water, why are there people dying of thirst? Although there is fresh water available, about 96.5 percent of the world's water is salt water in seas and oceans. Salt water in lakes and brackish and salty groundwater add to the problem. Sadly, only a small portion of one percent of the world's water is suitable for drinking, bathing, agriculture, and industry. Every human being probably knows what it feels like to be thirsty. Our mouths feel dry, we have the urge to swallow and then...

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