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*Premium Reusable Mesh Bags | Market Bag for Fresh Produce, Groceries, Storage & Gifts (sold per set)

*Premium Reusable Mesh Bags | Market Bag for Fresh Produce, Groceries, Storage & Gifts (sold per set)

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Save thousands of single-use plastics that could kill marine life and pollute our environment by using the most durable multi-purpose bag on the market.
Every bag you buy doesn't only help save the environment, but also helps in our sustainability efforts worldwide! A portion of our sales goes towards promoting sustainable living across the planet.


Each set comes with:
FREE - 2 pcs. Fish Keychains


  • Small: 12x8 inches
  • Large: 12x14 inches
  • X-Large: 12x17 inches


  • Set of 9 - Small x2, Large x5, X-Large x2
  • Set of 18 - Small x4, Large x10, X-Large x4
  • Set of 45 - Small x10, Large x25, X-Large x10
  • Set of 99 - Small x22, Large x55, X-Large x22

✔ Food Safe - BPA-Free, Mercury-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free
✔ Fine Mesh Design - breathable - allows air circulation
✔ Double Stitched - extra durability
✔ Drawstring Bead-Lock - easily secure your bag and its content
✔ Unique Tare Weight Tags - conveniently shop without getting charged for the weight of the bag
✔ Machine Washable (Mild Setting, Hand Wash Cycle)

Cloth Material: Polyester Mesh Fabric
Drawstring Lock: Plastic Bead

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bethany Andrews
America's Test Kitchen Knows

Had been wanting produce bags for awhile. Got 2 sets from ATK recommendations and LOVE them. Have used every week and had to wash one. Came out like new. Highly recommended. Would make great gifts too

Rosie Velasco-Dodge
Order? I’ll wait till I get them

It would be nice to give a review on something that I actually received. I placed an order on 1/21, I received an email saying that I will receive my order on 1/27 by 7 PM via UPS. And nothing to this date, when I try to track the number provided the message says that a delivery date will be provided as soon wit becomes available, or something like that. I emailed the company 3 times and I was told that she eill ‘investigate’ and to let her know if I get the package….she should have sent me my order and if I get ‘another’ order, I could let her know, how about that! I had order from this company before and wrote
Nice comments and I was satisfied with the service, I don’t know what’s going on this time! AND you are requesting a review???

Great, durable product!

My household has been using these bags every week for three years and they still look as good as new! Great product and I love thinking about how many plastic bags we’ve avoided using in that time!

Fastest service ever

I heard about these bags on America’s Test Kitchen and wanted to give them a try. I’ve been trying to find ways to eliminate plastic. I can’t wait to use these bags the next time I go grocery shopping, (and I’m super I’ll find many other uses for them). I love the variety of sizes and the high quality of the bags. What I especially loved was the amazingly quick delivery - ordered on Saturday, they arrived on Sunday - WOW! Even faster than Amazon Prime 😀

Shari Mauthner
These bags rate 10+ stars!

Happened across these searching for, amazingly, produce bags. So glad I found, bought, gifted multiple people, rebought get the picture. They go everywhere-grocery store to buy and garden to harvest produce; then home to store produce and strain grated veggies, fruits and nuts. I bought the poly bags, which are exceedingly well made and wash like a dream, dry in minutes. I label my own produce in the market and the labels stick well enough to get through checkout, then pull right off. I use the smallest bag as my ‘purse’ on those rare occasions when I venture out. Credit card, driver’s license, phone, a bit of cash fit perfectly, than the bag goes right into the washer upon return. Easy peasy. I really like them-can you tell?

Hey, Shari! So awesome to hear. Our bags are definitely versatile and multipurpose. So glad you love them! ❤