Customer Review

From *Margie (not her real name), a purifyou customer:

14th March 2020 

"As far as whether the Purifyou Glass Drinking Bottle is leak-proof - it is not only a brilliant product, but also IS completely leak-proof ... just be sure you have its cap (Lid) screwed on snuggly and you’re good to go without fear of having a wet car-seat or Gym Bag!

Meanwhile, in regard to ease-of-cleaning the bottle, having cleaned it out thoroughly prior to use, I am happy to say that - using a gentle non-abrasive long-handled bottle brush - cleaning the Bottle was a breeze and to dry it out I simply tipped it upside down to release most of the liquid, gave it a quick wipe with a Tea Towel as best I could then left it with its lid/cap off, to air dry... simple! 

As far as the flavour of the water is concerned once stored in the bottle - after it was clean & dry I tested the water to check whether it maintained a fresh taste or had absorbed any flavour from its glass container (as I’ve noted with plastics and some metal containers, no matter what they say) . . . So having added about 150-200 mls (about 5-7 oz.) of water to test the flavour for possible ‘tainting’ I was happy to find that the flavour was exceptional ... The water tasted - exactly as it should - of nothing but clean fresh water without tainting of any other flavours, which is exactly what one would hope for in a high quality glass product like a “Purifyou” Glass Drinking Bottle.

As for my being satisfied with my purchase? — I can give a resounding “YES” ... absolutely! The Purifyou Glass Drinking Bottle is exactly as described and was - as requested- the Purifyou Bottle with the ‘rare’ thicker heavier base - so, all exactly as ordered there ... Aesthetically (visually), I’d like to add that the quality of the glass is STELLAR! Really! It’s a beautiful glossy shiny crystal-clear glass unlike some glass products that look somehow dull or slightly opaque by comparison.

As for the protective soft cover/sleeve, I love the soft tactile feel of it and am really happy with the “Midnight Blue” colour of the protective cover and also, being made of a soft material, it will stop the bottle from slipping out of my grasp & smashing (I have arthritic fingers so that is a possibility for me... but not with this bottle!).

Not only do I appreciate the soft texture and pleasant feel of the cover I also love the idea of the 1 Litre Purifyou cover having both time + Water level markings! The markings with time and water levels, I find to be both helpful & encouraging in my quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle... now I can be sure to keep up a constant intake of water or fresh juice to maintain a good level of hydration throughout the day by referring to the ‘time’ & ‘level’ markings to see how I’m going.

Continuing on the ‘healthy living’ side of things - this is such a terrific quality Glass Drinking Bottle and when I found it I was so happy to finally find a nice looking, quality glass drinking bottle that was BPA Lead & Phlalate Free, so - knowing there are NO nasty toxins - means i can relax in the knowledge that it’s safe to use all day, everyday.... Both of these features constantly remind & encourage me, to drink at least one Litre of water by the end of day, every day and to maintain a healthy daily routine ... I love my “Purifyou” Glass Drinking Bottle purchase ... LOVE it!

*name changed to protect privacy
**posted with permission from the customer