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purifyou Platinum Silicone Straws for Kids (Set of 4)

purifyou Platinum Silicone Straws for Kids (Set of 4)

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Purifyou silicone drinking straws are suitable for various kinds of bottles, tumblers, mugs, glasses, and cups. You can also customize the length of the straw as required and cut it to any size you want.

  • Keep Liquids Away From Developing Teeth - These straws are made of soft silicone and are safe for small kids who like to chew on their straws. These straws are the perfect fit! They can't break or bend even when being chewed.
  • Convenient & Durable - They're made of high quality silicone, so durable you can use them over and over. Plus they come in several different colors to match your kids style - no more boring black or white options here (although we do have those too)! These flexible silicone straws also collapse easily into pockets or bags making reusable packaging fashionable as well as sustainable enough that even small children will be able enjoy some sips at school parties without getting any cheeky looks from their peers.
  • Versatile & Handy - We know your kids love to drink. So we've got 4 different colors of straws to keep track of them. They're also dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up! To make sure that your kids can enjoy their flavorful milk or juice guilt free, all orders come with an ingenious tool called "The Cleaning Brush." It's like magic that keep these straws as clean as the day you bought them.
  • Save The Environment - We all know that plastic straws are harmful to our planet, but did you also realize how wasteful they can be? Stop using them and start drinking from reusable silicone straws instead. They're not just better than single-use items - these sustainable alternatives will make life easier by taking away one less thing to carry around!