A Quick Snippet About Our Reusable Produce Bags

With the rise in sustainable living alternatives, our company noticed that not a single retail supermarket we shopped at offered convenient, eco-friendly, and reusable bags for produce or bulk-item purchases (such as seeds or nuts). This was counter-productive to any health and environmentally-conscious shopper, since the number of plastic produce bags that these particular shoppers use is often equal to or greater than the number of ordinary plastic grocery bags needed during a trip to the market. Reusable grocery bags have entered our world throughout grocery stores and supermarkets, reusable produce bags, so far, had not. 

Apple cutting board

Any mesh bags sold by our competitors online were either too heavy, too weak, or too small to support the many kinds of produce available on the market. Our R&D department set out to create the optimal set of "veggie bags", convenient for any shopper and for any size of "baggable" produce. After searching for the highest quality materials and manufacturers, we have optimized and perfected all aspects of our bag!

lemons in re-usable bag

Today, our reusable mesh bags are the leading mesh bag in the online market, consistently ranked as a best seller and #1 on Amazon.com out of all reusable shopping bags (not just produce bags) for 8 months in a row! Our three different sizes offered can conveniently support any baggable type of produce, and our bags support more weight than any other competitor. Purifyou's bags are so sturdy, we currently offer a lifetime warranty

Purifyou's bags

Not only that, but we made sure our bags have only the best quality drawstrings, and the durable Dacron® mesh polyester we use is also see-through, which is ideal for easy check-out, transport and even storing most types of vegetables in the fridge. They simplify the market-to-home process. Because the bags are also breathable, many of our thousands of customers also report that our bags increase the life of their produce, enabling them to waste less food at home.

Purifyou's bags for school supplies

Our bags also offer the tare weight on the tag of each bag, easily enabling the store clerk to subtract the little excess weight caused the bag itself. Some stores even offer discounts when our bags are used, saving you even more at the grocery store, and helping the bags pay for themselves. 

labeled re-usable bags


The material is also great for multi-tasking and serving other needs. Thousands of our customers also use them as laundry bags for delicates/lingerie, beach bags, storage bags, travel bags, and as dynamic household/travel tools for a variety of organizational needs.

re-usable bags for toys

Lastly, but most importantly, with every purchase a portion of our profits is donated to help promote sustainable living around the world. Check out our water well construction project in Kenya!

donations with every order
donation with every order

See for yourself: 


So what are you waiting for....grab your set today!


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