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What material is this made?
Our produce bags have 2 variants: Polyester and Cotton - The polyester mesh bags are made from are made of Dacron polyester fiber and the cotton mesh bags are made from 100% raw unbleached organic cotton

Where is this manufactured?
Our produce bags are manufactured in are responsibly made at the state of the art facilities in China and then shipped to Amazon's warehouses throughout the USA.

Does this have a warranty?
Yes! Please register for your bottle warranty here. (Order ID needed)

What is the difference between the Polymesh and Cotton Mesh Bags?
Both organic cotton and polyester reusable mesh bags help save the planet by eliminating the need for single-use plastic. But the cotton has bigger holes (perfect for large produce like potatoes or apples), while the polyester ones have a finer mesh perfect for regular-sized seeds, grains, or tiny toys.

Are these bags recyclable?
Yes! All our bags are recyclable from polyester mesh, cotton mesh, and canvas bags.

Can I put it in the fridge?
Yes, you can directly put it in your fridge and help extend the life of produce since it's breathable, but still, it depends on what type of products you store in them.

What kinds of food can I store with it?
Our mesh bags are best for that hard-skinned produce such as apple, oranges, carrot, and squash. You can also put crop that needs air circulation such as potatoes, onions, garlic, and tomato but we suggest not putting it in on the fridge.

Can I put leafy greens on it?
Leafy greens are ideal for keeping in air-tight containers. We also suggest separating your lush gardens with ethylene-producing foods such as apples, bananas, peaches, tomatoes. You can read more about produce storage on our Produce 101 Page.

Is the mesh fine enough to keep out fruit flies?
Yes, our mesh is fine enough to keep out fruit flies.

Can you freeze foods in these?
You can freeze them, but your food would most likely get freezer burn.

Are these dishwasher safe?
While machine washing and drying inside your clothes washing machine was the original recommended method, It is still safe to put them in the dishwasher as well.

Would these work as a dunk bag for drying camping mess kits?
Our bags are made of breathable material and would work great with drying those camping mess kits.

Can you use these for bulk foods like rice?
Our mesh bags are perfect for bulk foods as long as they are larger grains like rice, oats, quinoa, grains, legumes.

Can these be used for delicate items in the laundry?
Yes, it can be used for delicate items. You can keep them shut by fastening the closure bead. And it also dries quickly.

Will these hold flour and sugar, or is the mesh too wide?
The mesh would not hold fine-grained staples such as flour or sugar. However, larger grains such as rice would be fine.

Should I wash the bag before the first use?
Yes, we recommend washing the bag first before the first use, killing more than 99.9% of bacteria clinging to them from the shipping process.

How to wash?
When washing in a washing machine, we recommend using the mild setting and then pulling the drawstring, loosely tie it, then inserting the closure bead inside when washing it in the washer. And when washing several bags at a time, you can put all the bags in 1 pack, then tuck in the drawstring so they don't get tangled with each other and at the same time won't damage the closure bead due to the laundry process. Then it can be either put in a dryer, low-temperature setting or air-dried. You can also hand wash them.

How do you close the bags?
Our bags come with a drawstring with a toggle for easy opening and closing.

Can it hold liquids?
No, our bags cannot hold liquids since it is mesh.

Will the clerk have to subtract the tare weight from the total weight?
Most stores will automatically deduct the tare weight from the total weight mandated by the Consumer Affairs, Weights, and Measurements Division. Kindly check the governing guidelines for your specific state in this regard. To make shopping as hassle-free as possible, purifyou reusable mesh bags have tare weight indicated on the tags.

Can I store cut produce in the bag?
We do not recommend storing cut produce in our mesh bags.

Since these bags are breathable, can you use them as strainers?
Yes, you can use our bags as strainers.

Are these bags suitable for meat and poultry?
No, we don't recommend bags to store meat and poultry.

Can the store bar code scanner work through the mesh, or will they have to remove items from the bags?
Although our mesh bags are see-through, we use thicker and finer mesh fabric to make it more durable so it could be a little challenging for scanners to scan the bar codes. You may need to open the bag for scanning.

What are the units on the tare weight labels?
The units on the tare weight tags are in ounces.

How much weight can these bags safely hold?
Our largest bag (12" x 17") can safely hold 11 pounds and possibly more.

If I get the mix of sizes, what sizes would come in my order?
Our 9-piece mixed set comes with two 12x8 inch bags, five 12x14 inch bags, and two 12x17 inch bags.

Polyester is still plastic. Won't these particles end up in the environment?
Our bags are known as "eco-friendly" not because they are made of polyester but because the material is durable enough to be reused repeatedly, thus preventing the need for consumers to use thousands of disposable plastic bags. The fabric used is also recyclable.

What is the measurement for each bag?
Small: 12x8 inches
Medium: 12x14 inches
Large: 12x17 inches

Are these bags food grade?
Yes, our bags are 100% food safe. They're BPA-Free, Mercury Free, Lead-Free and Phthalates Free

What are the materials used in the bottles?
Borosilicate glass is the material used in glass bottles. It is durable and a choice in high-end restaurants, laboratories, and wineries. Polypropylene is for the caps, which is known for its resistance to corrosion and chemical leaching. Silicone is for the sleeves, which help in the grip and protection of the glass bottle.

Where is it manufactured?
Our bottles are manufactured responsibly and are made from state-of-the-art facilities in China and then shipped to our warehouses throughout the USA.

Does this have a warranty?
Yes! Please register for your bottle warranty here. (Order ID needed)

How to clean it?
- Our bottles are fully top-rack dishwasher safe, but because the top rack doesn't allow the bottle to rest vertically, it may not get cleaned to your liking. Now, there should be no issues if you decide to place your bottle on the bottom rack. However, due to the varying nature of dishwashers available, we can't guarantee the bottle would not get damaged by the dishwasher (although the vast majority should be ok).
- The safest method to clean them is to wash them by hand in warm soapy water with a long bottle brush.
- If you want to remove grime in your bottle, try cleaning it with a toothbrush dipped in baking soda paste (mix with a bit of vinegar or water) and rinse it with water. You can also pour a mixture of vinegar and coarse salt into your bottle, cover the opening with your hand then give it a good hard shake. The vinegar will loosen the gunk inside, and salt will help scrub it away.

Can I put hot/cold liquid in it?
Yes! Our glass bottles can store hot or cold liquid, and it prolongs their temperature.

Does it add weird taste?
Our bottles are made from the finest products on earth. You can drink with no metal, plastic, or chemical taste leaching into your water.

Does it fit in car cup holders?
Our glass bottles fit most vehicles, but some don't fit our bottles due to the different designs and sizes on cup holders. Here are the diameters of our bottles to know if it works for your cup holder: 12oz(2.5inch), 22oz(3.25in), 32oz(3.25in).

Can I boil my bottle to sterilize it?
We don't recommend you directly boil it, but we suggest submerging it in hot water instead.

Can I put my bottle in the freezer?
Our bottle itself can withstand cold temperatures, and however, if you put water or liquid in it, the liquid will expand when frozen and may cause the bottle to break.

Can I put my bottle in the microwave?
Yes, but only the bottle and silicone sleeve are microwave safe. Please DO NOT include the cap inside the microwave because it is made from plastic and it has a stainless steel lid inside.

Can the silicone sleeves be removed?
Our new bottles have removable sleeves, but some of our older bottles don't have removable sleeves.

Is there any paint on the water bottle or the cap?
Our caps and bottles do not have paint on them. Their color is created during the manufacturing process and is BPA, lead, cadmium, and PVC free.

Does this have a straw?
Our bottles do not currently have a straw, but we hope to add this option in the future.

Do you have a replacement for the cap?
We do sell replacement caps. If they appear out of stock, kindly send us a message to confirm availability.

Does this bottle sweat when carrying cold drinks?
Yes, the glass does. All glass, plastic, and metal will if it is not double-walled and insulated. The silicone does help keep your grip on the bottle and collects some condensation, so it's not all over your tabletop, but the bottle will get your hand damp when you hold it.

What is the bottle's range of temperature?
The temperature range that the bottle can withstand is -30 degrees Celsius to 240 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees to 464 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Is this bottle leakproof?
Absolutely -- our bottles are leakproof! Just make sure you twist the cap on fully!

What material is this made of?
Our air purifying bag filters come from the finest non-toxic natural Moso Bamboo (a biodegradable and highly renewable resource). They consist of large-shaped porous granules and a 99.99% nitrogen purity level, maximizing odor elimination.

Where is this manufactured?
Our carbon filters are manufactured in are responsibly made at the state of the art facilities in China and then shipped to Amazon's warehouses throughout the USA.

Do these fit the diaper genie and do they help with the smell?
Yes, these fit the diaper genie and they sure do help with the smell.

Would these work in an outdoor trashcan?
The filters would work, however, you would want to keep them away from water or direct sunlight when using.

How long do they last?
Our filters last between 12 and 15 days, however, you can place them in the sun after every 12-15 days, to "recharge" the filters and enable them to be used for about 2-3 months each. Recharging takes about 2-3 hours on each side of the sachets, but recharge time may be more or less depending on the strength and visibility of the sun's rays.

Can I use these to filter water?
Sorry, but our carbon filters can't be used to filter water.

Can u refresh them by putting them in sunlight?
Yes, our carbon filters can be recharged by putting letting them sit in direct sunlight.

Does it work for stinky shoes?
Yes, our carbon filters will work on stinky shoes.

Would this work eliminate smoke smells?
Yes, our filters would eliminate smoke smells.

What is the size of each one?
Each pouch measures about 2.87" x 2.36" - 20g each.

What does it smell like?
Our product is hypoallergenic and has no odor. Our natural product's distinct feature is that it doesn't mask unpleasant odors with fragrances and artificial scents, but instead absorbs and completely removes the unwanted odors.

How to put it in a diaper pail?
Simply place a filter underneath your diaper pail's lid (using tape or diaper pail filter holder).

How many does it have?
Our Carbon filter set comes with 12 sachets.

Does this work for a garage?
Absolutely! However, because the garage may be a relatively large open space, more than one sachet may be required. I would recommend 3-4 sachets, and perhaps even a few more if the odor is strong enough.

Is it okay if they get wet?
It shouldn’t be wet but in case it gets wet, just put them out in the sun to dry and reactivate and they should be good to go.

Can you throw these bags into compost when done with them?
Yes! After our carbon filters are fully used up, you can empty the contents of the sachet into your garden.