Dealing with the Covid19 Pandemic - Sensibly

I went to my local grocery shop on a routine shopping run. Wearing a face mask, mindful not to touch metal and carrying my hand sanitizer like a gun, I carefully maneuvered my cart to the alcohol aisle (no, not the internal cleansing ones LOL). And I got the shock of my life – people were in a frenzy filling their cart with alcohol disinfectant and there were none left by the time I got there!

I also noticed that most food aisles were bare. Panic, hoarding, fake news and doomsday posts – the COVID19 scare had people shunning other people and putting life, as we know it, to a halt.

Covid19 Pandemic face mask

Whole countries were on lockdown. Businesses, schools, parks, movie houses, shopping malls and even public transports found themselves at a standstill. But life, though restricted, had to go on. People of the Earth are survivors and we do what we can to emerge stronger and more resilient. And we have powers under our fingertips that weren't available to the people of the Black Plague, the age of Cholera and Malaria – we have the powers of modern science and the internet!

Without leaving our homes, we can earn money, shop, conduct meetings, attend school and force the world to go round. E-commerce is still going strong. Resources getting delivered with a push of a button. Masks, groceries, medicines, everyday necessities including water can get to us while staying put in the safety of our homes.

To disconnect while staying connected is the internet’s gift to mankind in these trying times.

Stay sensible. Keep your family safe.

Here are a few tips to keep the virus away:

1. Ran out of alcohol? Mix 2 tbsps bleach with 2 liters of water. Mop your floors and wipe your walls with it.

In extreme cases where you ran out of disinfectant products - alcohol, bleach, lysol, soap, detergent - the next best thing to do is to, at least, keep surfaces clean. You can use 2 tsps vinegar + 1 tbsp salt + 1 Liter of water solution or 1 tbsp baking soda + 1 tbsp salt + 1 Liter of water solution. Note though that these can clean and mildly disinfect but will not kill the corona virus. They can help though in lowering the risk of spreading infection.

2. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

3. Boost your immune system – Drink Vitamins, eat fruits and healthy food. Drink plenty of water. Every member of your household should have their own personal purifyou Glass Water Bottle to stay hydrated.

4. Put food in containers. Eat your food as soon as it’s prepared and while it’s hot.

5. Don’t share drinks, utensils, even towels. Self-care and containment is vital to survival.

6. Wash your purifyou reusable bags frequently or spray with a water-baking soda solution (no salt!) for a quick clean.

7. Avoid crowded places. Opt to do your shopping, meetings, lectures, etc. online.

8. Monitor health updates, keep informed. Ignore fake news.

9. Keep your pantry well-stocked, enough to last for at least 6 months.

10. Stock your medicine cabinet with maintenance medicines and over-the-counter meds for common ailments.

11. Make sure car tanks are filled in case of medical emergencies requiring you to drive to your nearest hospital or to get to a safe-house.

12. Gargle with warm water and salt morning, noon and before bedtime.

13. Keep your wits about you so you can save yourself and those under your responsibility.

14. Hope and pray for the best.

This will be over too, someday soon. With all the pointing fingers that have been going on, we encourage everyone to have empathy for the victims and not loathing. Let’s start healing the world by putting ourselves in each other’s shoes (but disinfect them first!) :slightly_smiling_face:

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