Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Today, we are honoring you for you’ve been a great provider in all ways possible. We’re grateful that we have you. You are the four seasons in our lives.

Summer. When I was younger, I can vividly remember the breezy mornings and warm breakfasts you make. I always sat by the window glancing at the outside view eagerly waiting to play. I love how you made me wear loose clothes so I’m comfortable to jump and run around. You let me savor the moment of being under the sun. And whenever I get naughty, I hear your homely voice calling me out. Your presence was so warm just like the sun. I enjoyed your warm embrace as I sat under the tree while the sun was shining brightly. You’re like summer; your warmth makes me feel loved and cherished.

Winter. Do you remember when I ate the snow? My curiosity was too much that I couldn’t help myself. I really wanted to know what it tastes like, so I did! I can still remember how your face looked like when you saw me. You didn’t say any word but your stare was enough for me to realize that what I did I was wrong. And then you told me your story when you also tried to taste the snow when you were a kid. I always remember that moment whenever I do something and you stare coldly – without saying a word, I know I did something wrong. You are like winter; cold yet beautiful in many ways.

Spring. That’s when I watch the plants sprout, grow and bloom. I was always amazed to see plants outside grow taller than me. The flowers bloom beautifully.  As I got older, I realized how vital growth is in our lives. Thank you for being there with me when I was still learning, growing, failing, and moving forward. 

For all the disasters in life, you’ve been there for me. Your mountain range arms kept me from being destroyed by catastrophes of life. You are like spring; you make me experience new things in life and because of you I experience how amazing life is.

Autumn. I recall walking on the streets seeing the leaves falling. And whenever I come close to our home and see our front yard, I realize the amount of effort I have to do to clean all the leaves. But I was happy because you gave me few bucks for doing it! Fun times. It was nostalgic to see the trees bloom in spring and leaves fall in autumn.

You’ve seen me in my darkest times when I failed and lost everything, but you’re always there to tell me that time will come, trees and plants will grow again, just like me. You are like autumn; you taught me how to let go of things and accept that there’s a time that we fall but we have to keep going.

Mom, now that I’ve grown, I realized all the things that you’ve taught me. And I feel sad to learn that as you get older, you get weaker. I know you do everything to protect me, to protect our family. I am grateful to have such a wonderful mom like you, Mother Earth. I feel guilty that I wasted time ignoring you yet you’re still there, barely surviving because of what we, humans-your children, did to you. And most of us still don’t care about you. So, from this day forward, I promise to take care of you. I will do my best to live an intentional life and stop doing things that may harm you. I will live according to what will preserve you because, as your child, I want to cherish you. I know it will be hard for me to change my lifestyle, but I know it’s not too late.  Let me protect you from now on, Mother Earth.

Thank you for everything.


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