Owning a pet sustainably

We try our best to help the environment. From community to households, sustainable living is quite the challenge but we do what we can to make a greener living. Are you a fur-parent or planning to be one? Here are some tips so you can live sustainably with a pet.

Adopt don’t Shop

About seven million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States because there is no room for them in shelters. The distressing part is 70 million stray animals living in the U.S alone are not given proper food or shelter. These stray animals are already in need of a home and family, so you might as well choose them rather than buy. You won’t only be helping in reducing the number of stray animals, but you’re also saving a life from the dangerous life in the streets.

Choose healthier pet food

So much like us, healthy food options are better for your pet’s health. If you have the means, choose healthier options for your fur babies. Taking care of a pet is just like taking care of a child. They’re practically your babies and you will only want the best for them. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives to healthy foods that you’ll find in your local groceries. But these are made with animal byproducts containing preservatives that are not good for your pet and the environment. 

healthier pet food

An alternative way is to make fresh foods for your pets. Some owners make vegetarian diets but before changing your pet’s diet, seek your vet first for other healthier options for your fur babies to make sure you give them the correct amount of nutrients they need.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Sustainable living advocates have made it possible to widen our options when it comes to products we buy. And cleaning products are no exception. There are now various shampoos and soaps that are made from natural, organic, and chemical-free ingredients including ones for our pets. Choose these not only for your pets but also for the environment. Hitting two birds with one stone? You bet.

eco-friendly cleaning products

If you have trouble with unwanted odor may it be from your pet's poop or anything in general, try using organic odor eliminators like our Activated Bamboo Charcoal Filters made from Natural Moso Bamboo.

Properly dispose your pet’s waste

This can be quite tricky depending on where you are located. In some places, you may be allowed to flush cat and/or dog poop down the toilet but in some places you’re not. Research your area if you are allowed to do so. This is because pet’s poop(cats and dogs) may contain harmful virus or bacteria that cannot be treated by the waste management in your area. Make sure to educate yourself as to how you can manage disposing fecal waste before anything else.


As much exercise is great for us humans, our pets also need it. Take a walk early in the morning, feel the wind and sunlight; it will give you vitamin D, which is good for you and your fur baby. (Although this can be a bit more challenging with the lazy ones!😜) But try to walk them while they’re a bit younger so they can get used to it.

Dog Exercise

As we switch to a more sustainable life, let’s also make our pets’ lives sustainable. Let them contribute to future generations. Protecting our planet doesn’t only include humans but also animals and other living organisms. Take them with you in your journey to a better and greener life because just like you, they deserve better.

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