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Today I want to tell you about a truly special bottle. It is special not only because it is practical, beautiful and of excellent quality, but because it is produced by a small company that has chosen to devote itself exclusively to the production of eco-friendly products. And it does so with care, attention to detail and a sincere will to develop its truly sustainable business idea, at more than affordable prices. Purifyou is based in Texas and, below, I tell you about their water bottle, and then briefly introduce you to the rest of their interesting range of products.

The Purifyou bottle is made of durable borosilicate glass. For added convenience, it is housed in a silicone sleeve, with a cute check design. The cap snaps on easily and is leak proof. In addition, it is equipped with a large ring, to be easily attached to the backpack or bag.

Purifyou bottles

Purifyou - the different colors available for the ecological reusable bottle made of glass and silicone

My Purifyou is the 360ml version (but it is also available in 650ml and 1 liter sizes). I chose it with the phosphorescent silicone sheath. As you can see from the images below, during the day it is a beautiful very light and translucent green, while at night it glows with a bright green color. Very convenient for those who love outdoor evenings or even camping. Furthermore, it is a nice gift for children, who will play to fill it and then leave it on the bedside table, to light up the darkness of the room and, if necessary, take a few sips.

Purifyou green bottle outdoors


Purifyou bottle outdoor
Purifyou bottle with flower
Purifyou glass bottle on grass


Purifyou neon glow in the dark

Purifyou dal 360 ml – si illumina al buio!

It is a very practical bottle, made with top quality materials. I really like the fact that it is truly leak proof and I can put it in my bag with confidence. Also, glass is my favorite material for reusable bottles and flasks, as not only is it environmentally friendly, but it cleans easily and the water doesn't take on strange flavors. Being made of glass, of course, it can be filled with any other beverage, from tea to fizzy drinks. The rather small dimensions of the 360 ​​ml version make it an extremely practical bottle, as it fits practically anywhere, even in a rather large pocket! Also, the mouth is quite wide, so it's easier to fill than clean.

Purifyou different size bottles

The various sizes of the Purifyou glass and silicone bottle

The bottle is packaged in a cardboard box and inside you will find a card to register at the Purifyou website . In this way you will get the lifetime guarantee of your bottle. Not only that, after registering you can also take advantage of interesting discounts on the entire range of Purifyou products , which include, as you can see below, also reusable shopping bags in soft net fabric or organic cotton and shower sponges for children. . On the other hand, the company's motto is Pure Mind. Pure Body. Pure Life. which recalls a lifestyle that is more attentive to waste. As we know, if each of us does our small part to save the planet, we can really reverse the course!

Purifyou products 1


A selection of Purifyou products

Furthermore, as you can see from the image below, the company is concretely committed, bringing important aid to developing countries. Another reason to support her with the purchase of one of their splendid products.

The opinion on this bottle is absolutely positive, and I can assure you that, after having had direct relationships with the managers of the company, the people behind this project are committed to ensuring that their customers are 100% satisfied. For more information on this bottle, I invite you to leave a comment, or write me directly at bottiglieriususibli @ gmail.com . If you prefer, you can also write to me on Facebook , where we always post blog articles.

Article credit to: Elisabetta Carosi
Ph.: +34 664232702

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