Single-use and Disposable Plastic Ban

Billions of people depend on plastic for just about everything. All our everyday stuff is either made of plastic materials or have plastic parts in them. Think cars, blenders, coffee makers, outdoor furniture, even clothes. Let’s face it, plastics are lightweight, easy to source, cheap and slow to degrade, making them an ideal material to work with. They literally last – past our lifetimes!
It has become an indispensable (yet sadly, easily dispensable :white_frowning_face:) part of our lives, we don’t think twice about using them. Generations later, all of us are drowning in them. Our landfills cannot hold them, our oceans are choking in them, our neighborhood is littered with them, their neon brightness fading yet not degrading to blend with the earth. Don’t get me wrong, not all plastic is bad. There are those that are vital for us to have a convenient life. Can you imagine driving in an all-metal car? I’m talking about single-use, disposable plastic. The killer plastic. Most of us have heard the shocking devastation they’ve caused. 
Great news though for all earth warriors: a significant number of countries have decided to act to save this planet and its inhabitants by banning harmful plastic in their territories. Some are taking baby steps by imposing heavy taxes on plastic products. If you’re in these countries, you better have your purifyou reusable bags with you:
purifyou reusable bags
15 countries (inspiring!) from Africa: Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda
Asia: China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Some regions in the Philippines have banned disposable plastics as well.
Australia: Some Territories have plastic bans in place: Northern Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania.
Europe: Europe has been very active in its fight against plastic bags. Denmark pioneered imposing heavy taxes on disposable plastics. By 2021, All EU States will enforce its unanimous ban on single-use plastic. Including straws, stirrers, cotton buds and single-use cutlery. With the extension of Brexit, the UK will also have to implement the ban.
North America: Surprisingly, the U.S., as a whole, has not made major strides in going after this killer. But neighboring Mexico and Canada have measures in place. Good news though, some states have taken matters into their own hands. California has  imposed a ban on single-use plastic and Californians will pay for paper bags as well. This is to promote BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag).  Some states that have followed suit were: Hawaii, District of Columbia, Seattle, Maine, New York, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia have started their individual campaigns against the colorful menace. 
Overall, the world is waking up to a different kind of war. Single-use plastics are proving to be as deadly and as devastating as nuclear heads and bio-warfare.
Join the fight to end this war! Bring your own reusable bags - and do it in style too.
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With just a little effort, we can all be heroes. 
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