What Other Purposes Can Mesh Bags Serve?

The practice of sustainable living is on the rise nationwide. Reducing demand on natural resources by replacing what is used is not only popular—it’s necessary. To the best of our abilities this practice must become a way of life if we are to preserve our natural resources.

That can mean many things. Choosing not to consume a product that adds to the destruction of our planet or is dangerous to animals is one such way we can promote sustainability.

Actress Rosario Dawson is also a producer, comic book writer, singer, and political activist. She is also a sustainable fashion designer through her sustainable fashion brand Vos. As co-Founder she focuses on bringing people closer to what they wear.

The rise in sustainable living alternatives spans several industries, but we’re not where we need to be yet. In fact, most retail supermarkets fail to offer reusable bags for produce or bulk-item purchases, such as nuts or candies. On the positive side, reusable grocery bags have made a difference in the amount of plastic waste and hopefully, next on the horizon will be reusable produce bags. So far they have not, but shoppers can still exercise personal responsibility by using reusable mesh bags. And they are!

purifyou® Mesh Bags are Multipurpose 

purifyou® mesh bags lead the online market as bestsellers. Some stores even offer discounts when our bags are used. They help to pay for themselves overtime—another reason to use them. Three different sizes support any bagable type of produce, and can also be used for other purposes. Just think about what you might now use the plastic produce bags for and replace them. Carry kids toys’ pack gifts or use them for anything that would benefit from airflow. purifyou®'s bags are so sturdy we currently offer a lifetime warranty!

Less Waste

Our bags have only the best quality drawstrings, and the durable Dacron® mesh polyester we use is also see-through. Because they are breathable, customers report that our bags extend the life of produce, enabling them to waste less food at home.

Use them as laundry bags for delicates/lingerie, beach bags, storage bags, travel bags, and as dynamic household/travel tools for a variety of organizational needs.

With every purchase, a portion of purifyou® profits is donated to help promote sustainable living around the world. Check out our water well construction project in Kenya!

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