Why Are People Dying of Thirst?

One child dies every 39 seconds due to unclean water. How does this happen? Looking at our planet from outer space, you can see just how much water there is. If there is so much water, why are there people dying of thirst?

Although there is fresh water available, about 96.5 percent of the world's water is salt water in seas and oceans. Salt water in lakes and brackish and salty groundwater add to the problem. Sadly, only a small portion of one percent of the world's water is suitable for drinking, bathing, agriculture, and industry.

Every human being probably knows what it feels like to be thirsty. Our mouths feel dry, we have the urge to swallow and then we do, our throats are dry. We can’t wait to quench our thirst. It feels so good to take that sip or gulp of water when we are dehydrated, doesn’t it?

For many of the world’s people, this scenario plays out a little differently. Some never know when relief will come.

Of the fresh water that is available, about 70 percent is frozen in polar ice sheets and glaciers. Inaccessible.

What about lakes and rivers? Well, they contain just slightly more than one forth of a percent of all freshwater.

More than a quarter of the world’s population lack access to clean water. According to a report released by UNICEF in 2017, that’s about 2.1 billion people.

Can anything be done?

The construction of wells in impoverished communities is one way people are working toward providing access to fresh, clean water.

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