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Dealing with the Covid19 Pandemic - Sensibly

I went to my local grocery shop on a routine shopping run. Wearing a face mask, mindful not to touch metal and carrying my hand sanitizer like a gun, I carefully maneuvered my cart to the alcohol aisle (no, not the internal cleansing ones LOL). And I got the shock of my life – people were in a frenzy filling their cart with alcohol disinfectant and there were none left by the time I got there! I also noticed that most food aisles were bare. Panic, hoarding, fake news and doomsday posts – the COVID19 scare had people shunning other people and putting life, as we know it, to a halt. Whole countries were on lockdown. Businesses, schools, parks, movie...

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Single-use and Disposable Plastic Ban

Billions of people depend on plastic for just about everything. All our everyday stuff is either made of plastic materials or have plastic parts in them. Think cars, blenders, coffee makers, outdoor furniture, even clothes. Let’s face it, plastics are lightweight, easy to source, cheap and slow to degrade, making them an ideal material to work with. They literally last – past our lifetimes! It has become an indispensable (yet sadly, easily dispensable ) part of our lives, we don’t think twice about using them. Generations later, all of us are drowning in them. Our landfills cannot hold them, our oceans are choking in them, our neighborhood is littered with them, their neon brightness fading yet not degrading to blend with...

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Is Your Fresh Produce Going Bad Quickly?

Do you find yourself trying to force-feed yourself produce you purchase because it seems to go bad quickly? If so, there are a couple reasons why that could be. The first, and most obvious, is that you’re buying produce that’s already too ripe. Unless you plan to eat it within a day or two, you may want to try and get something that will take a little more time to ripen. If the produce isn’t too ripe at the time of purchase, but still spoils quickly after you get it home, you could be storing it wrong. Below are a few tips on how to store your produce so it will last longer. How Do You Store Green, Leafy Veggies?...

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Why Should You Drink from a Glass Water Bottle?

Do you know why you should drink from glass water bottles? It’s not because Gisele Bundchen does. It’s because drinking out of reusable glass, as opposed to plastic, can benefit both you and the environment. Find out how as you read on. How Does Drinking from Glass Benefit the Environment? Plastics and other disposable materials have revolutionized the way we live. Unfortunately, the convenience of using something once and then throwing it away has a pretty significant downside. For starters, roughly 2.7 million tons of plastic is used every year to manufacture disposable drinking bottles. And, since only about 1% of all plastic gets recycled, the remaining bottles end up in landfills. In the US alone, consumers purchase about 29.8...

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Why is BPA Bad for You?

BPA (bisphenol A) is a widely-used industrial chemical, often used in the production of plastics. Like many chemicals though, just because it’s widelyused doesn’t mean it’s safe. As a matter of fact, Kourtney Kardashian won’t eat off of plastic plates or drink from plastic glasses at all, opting for stainless steel instead. Below is a breakdown of what BPA is and why you should avoid it from purifyou®. What is BPA, Exactly? As mentioned above, BPA is a chemical that is added to a wide variety of consumer products, including food containers, plastic dinnerware, and hygiene products. It was first discovered in the 1890s, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that researchers learned it could be mixed with other chemicals to...

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