5 Simple Steps to a More Sustainable Life

More Sustainable Lifestyle

Every little decision we make affects the environment and other species unknowingly. We must be vigilant in what we do because there’s a domino effect when we do things wrong. If you are switching your life to be more aware of your environment, here are 5 simple steps to a more sustainable life. 

Switch to LED light bulbs
LED light bulbs

Still, using incandescent bulbs? It’s time for you to switch to LED. It uses 75% less energy and lasts 35 times longer. When you do this, you’re also contributing to clean energy, which we need now since our environment is incredibly polluted. So, the next time you're getting a bulb, choose LED ones.

Go with inverter appliances

Planning to get a new appliance? Did you know that Inverter models promote energy-saving technology that eliminates wasted operations? Get an inverter model if you decide to get new appliance. Units may cost higher with the initial buy but will allow you to reduce power consumption by 40% annually.

Ditch your plastic bottles

Marine life is endangered because of plastic bottle wastes that are generated. An average of 50 billion plastic water bottles a year are used in America. To be a part of the solution, ditch your plastic bottles and go for reusable ones.

reusable water bottles

Why do we promote glass bottles? Because water tastes better in glass. It keeps you from tasting or ingesting chemicals that leech your bottle, plus it comes with markings to guide you with your water intake.

Practice Zero Waste Shopping

You must be mindful when you go shopping as it affects our environment. The packaging of most foods and goods end up in landfills which create pollution and contributes to the carbon footprint.

Zero Waste Shopping

Please bring your own bags/container to the grocery store and ask for the tare weight to know its weight when empty. In that way, you’ll be paying for what you’ve actually bought. Also, opt-in for minimal packaging, paper-wrapped items instead of plastic packaging. Zero waste shopping will significantly help in reducing the use of disposable plastics that are destroying marine life and the ecosystem.

Use what you have and start NOW

Sustainability isn't about buying eco-friendly products. It is about using what we have to make sure we can sustain life on Earth. It has so many factors but in small ways, we can take part to make sure that future generations can live in our planet. Reuse the things you already have. Got plastic bags? Reuse them until you can't use them anymore. Got glass jars? Use as containers. There are so many ways to live a sustainable life but the most important step is to start now. Our planet’s life is already at risk as it is. Let's take part in saving the Earth - not just for us but for our future generations. We only have one Earth, let's take care of it.

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