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Glass Water Bottle Purifyou®

Glass Water Bottle Purifyou®

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Meet Your New Favorite Water Bottle - Made For Nature, Made For You!

Our versatile lineup of glass water bottles is perfect for every scenario - whether it be hiking, camping, the beach, the gym, at home, or in your office, these bottles are your perfect daily companion. This simple-looking bottle improved over the years based on customers' feedback and packed with helpful features that will keep you easily hydrated throughout the day.

Every purchase from us doesn't only help save the environment, but also helps in our sustainability efforts worldwide! A portion of our sales goes towards promoting sustainable living across the planet.


  • 12oz(360ml) - 2.5x7.5"
  • 22oz(650ml) - 3.25x8.5"
  • 32oz(1L) - 3.25x11"


  • Thermal Resistant - made of high tempered Borosilicate Glass (same as pyrex)
  • Time & Volume Markings - to help you track your water intake and keep you hydrated throughout the day
  • Protective Silicone Sleeve - food-grade silicone, to offer extra impact protection, easy-grip, and no slips
  • O-Ring Handle - sturdy, easy carry
  • Balanced Opening - wide mouth opening that fits ice and fruit but is also narrow enough to drink without drenching your new shirt.
  • 100% Leak-Proof - perfect fit bottle caps with stainless steel lid interior, keeping liquids sealed while also preventing contact with plastic

    NOTE: Our Glow in the Dark Variant is the lightest of our shade so the time and volume markings are slightly harder to read compared to the other colors we have.

IMPORTANT: The maximum level of water that you should fill in your bottle is until the top of the silicone sleeve only before sealing the cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Sharon Fleming
Love it!

I bought it so my cats wouldn’t be able to drink my water out of glass and it works perfectly.

Nicholas Delphia
Excellent customer service

My wife has had her bottle for two years. I dropped it on a hike and it landed just wrong on some stone and broke. I contacted purifyou and they responded that same day. They offered to replace the bottle, even though we were past the official shatter protection warranty period. Could not be happier. Great product, great customer service.

Leslye Yadira Borrero Carabali
Glass water Bottle

Is an excellent and beautiful product.

Michael Cherry
Awesome bottle/ Awesome service!

I received the 40 oz Purifyou bottle as a birthday gift this spring. I love drinking from glass and we have filtered water in my home . This is the best material to keep water from not changing taste! I do not like the plastic types or straw type of water bottles, I need to drink fast. Also keeping it out on my counter at home has made me more conscious of how much I am drinking...Our family drinks mostly water and hydration is so important. I also go to the gym and play competitive tennis. Two weeks ago I was heading to my car and it was hand lost its grip and slipped, my bottle hit the pavement just right and shattered.. :( I contacted customer service via email and heard back from Julieth within 24 hours and on a Saturday! Since my bottle was a gift, I had no receipt , and it was only 2 months in use. The Purifyou bottle company is true to their replacement policy and I was thrilled! I received my new replacement bottle and in meantime, bought a 32 oz one. It is easier to carry to the gym, less weight and my hand can grip it better since diameter smaller...and can just refill at their water station...I don't want to drop it again! Contacting Purifyou and emailing Julieth was so easy . It was a refreshing change to have such prompt and courteous service! Thank you Purifyou!

I like it + suggestion

I really like my bottle as a way of keeping track of intake and knowing I'm not ingesting any plastics or unknowns from some metal bottles. Suggestion: make the mouth of the bottle much wider so we can get ice into if from the ice machine. It's much too small even to put the ice cubes in one at a time. A wider mouth also makes it easier to clean inside.