Celebrating women and their new role: Earth Warriors

From reusable bags, glass water bottles and organic food to zero-waste initiatives, women are at the forefront. Not to discount the growing number of men joining the green movement, but it’s the women (having command of the home) who continue to lead this particular battle.

Mother Earth is not going out without a fight, and what better army to aid her than her daughters? These include a significant rising number of young girls joining the ranks! A quick numbers search show  that 63% of women are engaged in eco-friendly initiatives versus 37% of men. It is worthy to note though that the biggest celebrity spokespersons of sustainability are MEN! Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Redford, Ben Affleck, Adrian Grenier, Alec Baldwin, Channing Tatum are just some of the most influential voice for the environment, sponsoring eco-friendly initiatives for change.

But when it boils down to the nitty-gritty, the women of the household hold the trophy for actively making conscious decisions for the good of the environment.

eco-friendly bags

Recycling trash to art, growing organic backyard food, replacing single-use plastic with reusable bags, glass water bottles for their families to stay away from disposable plastic-bottled ones, segregating trash, composting, supporting brands that offer sustainability and a lot more.


eco-friendly baby bottle

purifyou is a woman-owned business and at its helm is an ordinary woman with extraordinary roles – a wife, a mother, a daughter, CEO of an eco-friendly company, designer, therapist, and now, a formidable EARTH WARRIOR.

Dana and her husband Sam are both concerned citizens and concerned parents, wanting to ensure a truly sustainable future (and not just snap photos about it on Instagram).

Sam, originally an oil & gas process engineer, and Dana, a therapist by background, thought that with their current professions, things just didn't sit right: Sam wanted to better fulfill his purpose to serve others, and Dana wanted to put her true passion for design to better use.

As told by Sam, “Back in 2015, with Dana as a graduate student and me as an engineer during the day, we spent quite a few sleepless nights in 2015 (our first son was keeping us awake anyway) brainstorming on how we could combine our strengths and come up with a business plan that could both sustain our family and accomplish our goals in life. We eventually settled on one constant trend that we kept noticing: eco-friendly products were everywhere already, but they just....didn't look good. Many also lacked innovation and genuine utility. We wanted to help people live more pure lifestyles, but do it in style too. We knew we could do a better job...which is how purifyou was born!”

The major clientele of purifyou are women. They buy with the future in mind. They post their purifyou reusable bags and glass water bottles on social media to influence others to do the same: save the earth in style and embrace their inner hero.

photo credits: melissamaegan (Instagram)

photo credit: melissamaegan (Instagram)

Mother Earth has her fair share of destructive and irresponsible children, but her earth warriors are putting things to right.

Join the battle now. Release the warrior within.

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