Project: Giveback - This is How We Change Lives

Here’s how The Water for Life program made a huge encounter on humanity.


Project: Giveback - This is How We Change Lives
Major Problem Around the World

Access to clean water is a major issue around the world. Almost 2.2 billion people today lack access to safe drinking water. The mortality rate in children under five is devastating, with more than 297,000 deaths due to diarrheal diseases from poor sanitation and hygiene. 

Water and sanitation are fundamental for life and health. It also contributes to livelihood, dignity, empowerment, and prosperity to create resilient communities. Rapid population growth endangers water sustainability.

Life in Poor Communities

Uganda, experiencing rampant urbanization, suffers from poor sanitation and hygiene. Having no water and sanitation facilities, people have no choice but to practice open defecation. Exposed fecal matter contaminates people’s food and water resources which leads to the spread of serious diseases such as cholera. Another is their old practice of not washing their hands with soap which contaminate the resources and the people themselves causing major illnesses and deaths.

Diarrhea, being one of the three major childhood killers in Uganda, kills 33 children every day. This affects children’s cognitive development and performance in school. Many children in poor communities with no access to safe water are unable to attend class because they are sick.

The Water for Life Program

The purifyou® family took a part in aiding this problem by joining in the Water for Life Program of Helping Hand for Relief and Development. Portions of our sales go towards promoting sustainable living by the construction of shallow wells. These wells give access to clean water to certain areas in Uganda, Kenya, and Afghanistan. The Water Wells reduced the rampant attack of water-borne diseases by 40% and the drop-out rate in school attendance per term by 35%. 

The Water for Life Program has truly transformed people’s lives. The mourning about deaths was changed into a smile with hope in their hearts. The project did not only contribute to the wells but also instill intellectual knowledge in people by promoting hygiene and sanitation practices. Moreover, livestock and agricultural programs were enforced for the wellness of the community.


Water Well Kenya

Water Well Uganda

Water Well Afghanistan

You Also Change Lives!

By simply purchasing products from us, you’re not only helping people to have access to clean water, but you also made a huge step in giving back to our Mother Earth. We are honored to be part of this and we aim to continue doing so. And this won't be possible if it weren't for you so we thank YOU for making this possible. 💚



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