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*Premium Reusable Mesh Bags | Market Bag for Fresh Produce, Groceries, Storage & Gifts (sold per set)

*Premium Reusable Mesh Bags | Market Bag for Fresh Produce, Groceries, Storage & Gifts (sold per set)

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Save thousands of single-use plastics that could kill marine life and pollute our environment by using the most durable multi-purpose bag on the market.
Every bag you buy doesn't only help save the environment, but also helps in our sustainability efforts worldwide! A portion of our sales goes towards promoting sustainable living across the planet.


Each set comes with:
FREE - 2 pcs. Fish Keychains


  • Small: 12x8 inches
  • Large: 12x14 inches
  • X-Large: 12x17 inches


  • Set of 9 - Small x2, Large x5, X-Large x2
  • Set of 18 - Small x4, Large x10, X-Large x4
  • Set of 45 - Small x10, Large x25, X-Large x10
  • Set of 99 - Small x22, Large x55, X-Large x22

✔ Food Safe - BPA-Free, Mercury-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free
✔ Fine Mesh Design - breathable - allows air circulation
✔ Double Stitched - extra durability
✔ Drawstring Bead-Lock - easily secure your bag and its content
✔ Unique Tare Weight Tags - conveniently shop without getting charged for the weight of the bag
✔ Machine Washable (Mild Setting, Hand Wash Cycle)

Cloth Material: Polyester Mesh Fabric
Drawstring Lock: Plastic Bead

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bethany Andrews
America's Test Kitchen Knows

Had been wanting produce bags for awhile. Got 2 sets from ATK recommendations and LOVE them. Have used every week and had to wash one. Came out like new. Highly recommended. Would make great gifts too

Great, durable product!

My household has been using these bags every week for three years and they still look as good as new! Great product and I love thinking about how many plastic bags we’ve avoided using in that time!

Fastest service ever

I heard about these bags on America’s Test Kitchen and wanted to give them a try. I’ve been trying to find ways to eliminate plastic. I can’t wait to use these bags the next time I go grocery shopping, (and I’m super I’ll find many other uses for them). I love the variety of sizes and the high quality of the bags. What I especially loved was the amazingly quick delivery - ordered on Saturday, they arrived on Sunday - WOW! Even faster than Amazon Prime 😀

Shari Mauthner
These bags rate 10+ stars!

Happened across these searching for, amazingly, produce bags. So glad I found, bought, gifted multiple people, rebought get the picture. They go everywhere-grocery store to buy and garden to harvest produce; then home to store produce and strain grated veggies, fruits and nuts. I bought the poly bags, which are exceedingly well made and wash like a dream, dry in minutes. I label my own produce in the market and the labels stick well enough to get through checkout, then pull right off. I use the smallest bag as my ‘purse’ on those rare occasions when I venture out. Credit card, driver’s license, phone, a bit of cash fit perfectly, than the bag goes right into the washer upon return. Easy peasy. I really like them-can you tell?

Hey, Shari! So awesome to hear. Our bags are definitely versatile and multipurpose. So glad you love them! ❤