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*Premium Reusable Mesh Bags | Market Bag for Fresh Produce, Groceries, Storage & Gifts (sold per set)

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Save thousands of single-use plastics that could kill marine life and pollute our environment by using the most durable multi-purpose bag on the market.
Every bag you buy doesn't only help save the environment, but also helps in our sustainability efforts worldwide! A portion of our sales goes towards promoting sustainable living across the planet.


Each set comes with:
FREE - 2 pcs. Fish Keychains


  • Small: 12x8 inches
  • Large: 12x14 inches
  • X-Large: 12x17 inches


  • Set of 9 - Small x2, Large x5, X-Large x2
  • Set of 18 - Small x4, Large x10, X-Large x4
  • Set of 45 - Small x10, Large x25, X-Large x10
  • Set of 99 - Small x22, Large x55, X-Large x22

✔ Food Safe - BPA-Free, Mercury-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free
✔ Fine Mesh Design - breathable - allows air circulation
✔ Double Stitched - extra durability
✔ Drawstring Bead-Lock - easily secure your bag and its content
✔ Unique Tare Weight Tags - conveniently shop without getting charged for the weight of the bag
✔ Machine Washable (Mild Setting, Hand Wash Cycle)

Cloth Material: Polyester Mesh Fabric
Drawstring Lock: Plastic Bead

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